7th Pay Commission: This is Modi’s trump card ahead of 2019

There was some respite for Central Government employees after it was confirmed that discussions regarding the 7th Pay Commission had not stopped. The issue is very much alive and discussions and deliberations are still on.

The confusion arose after the government said in Parliament that there was no proposal to increase the basic minimum pay and fitment factor for CG employees. However now a source has confirmed to OneIndia that at the time the statement was made there was no discussion on. However the matter has been revived since the past two weeks and the serious discussions are on in this regard.

There are over 50 lakh CG employees and pensioners and the government would not want to leave them in the lurch. CG employees have patiently waited and it is only a matter of a few more months before the new salary becomes a reality, the source also said.

The good news that the CG employees have been waiting for could come about by the end of 2018. This in fact would be Modis big trump card for 2019, analysts have said. Analysts who have been tracking the developments say that the government is aware that it cannot avoid this matter. However it would be in the need of a trump card ahead of 2019 and this surely would be one of them, the analysts also say.

Another confirmation that we have is that while the hike beyond the 7th Pay Commission recommendations would come in another few months, it would be effective from April 2018 onwards.

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